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Seamlessly integrating intelligent, behaviorally realistic digital content within your field of view.
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By pairing solutions with an industry-leading device, packages are off-the-shelf solutions that are impactful, efficient, and otherwise impossible using conventional technology.


AR-guided instruction with 3D models, videos, docs, and remote expert support

Cross-OS AR guided work instruction solution with no-code authoring, integrated 3D models, documents, videos for operations, maintenance and training scenarios. Connect with a remote expert with see-what-I-see video for additional guidance and work validation.


Real-time mixed reality collaboration platform for enterprise

Sphere features out-of-the-box solutions to meet a range of enterprise needs and use cases: Remote Assistance, Digital Collaboration, Workflow Guidance, and Life-Size Overlay.

Add co-presence to remote collaboration

Add co-presence to remote collaboration

Conventional remote collaboration services promise enterprise customers that video calls, screen sharing, and specialized software can recreate localized work among a global workforce. Despite these assurances, travel budgets remain a costly line item for any enterprise.

Impactful and immersive remote collaboration solutions on Magic Leap 2 can increase productivity and reduce travel costs by creating a natural sense of proximity and presence among organizations' regional, national, and global workforces.

Globalized expert assistance without limitations

Globalized expert assistance without limitations

Global businesses already experience a costly inefficiency: their experts can't be everywhere at once, and there's never enough of them.

Remote assistance solutions on Magic Leap 2 enable employees to perform complex operational and maintenance tasks anywhere and at any time, decreasing travel and downtime costs and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Train, upskill, and retain your workforce

Train, upskill, and retain your workforce

Enterprises are contending with the impending retirement of veteran workers and a labor shortage, posing a major threat to productivity.

Training solutions on Magic Leap 2 are scalable, and simplify complex tasks and instructions by integrating and anchoring digital content like spatial audio cues, visual indicators, checklists, walk-though videos, and text within a trainee's real-world view of specific equipment or areas.

Visualize 1:1 scale models remotely or locally

Visualize 1:1 scale models remotely or locally

Large and scale models are prohibitively expensive to ship, time and labor intensive to create, and are neither easily, cheaply, nor quickly iterated.

Visualization solutions using Magic Leap 2 allow multiple co-located or remote to view and collaborate on immersive, 1:1 scale, instantly-iterated 3D models and digital twins.

This flexibility makes enterprise use of models and digital twins for trade shows, AEC, design, and other industry applications more flexible, efficient, and useful for both local and global workforce.

"This sense of presence, the sense that I can work with someone that is 10,000 miles away and I can work with them as if they were in the same room — that's a game changer."

Sven Brunner

Founder, Sphere

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